Deep Integration with Business Software

With Mainframe all your favorite business applications are directly inside your messaging experience. No more losing your flow state. No more context switching. Mainframe helps you get more work done.



Rich Messages

Tag Messages and assign Tasks to coworkers

Mainframe’s purpose is to help people be more productive and get more done. With Mainframe, you can assign tasks to coworkers, organize your own personal To Do List, and track status.


To Do List

Sent Actions

The Best of Modern Messaging

Channels & Teams

Channels are like group chats where bots and humans can interact. You can have a channel for a project, a function, or a location. They are always accessible and can be organized inside your Teams (organizations).

Synced across mobile and desktop devices

Whether it’s searching through message history or finding the latest communication in a channel, all Mainframe interactions will be synced across all your devices. It’s magical.

Smart Notification Control

Users are in complete control as to when, where and how they are to receive notifications. Whether it’s a new task, a new mention, or any new message, you can set your notificiation preferences to match your style.

Mainframe is on all the major platforms