The Operating System for Work

Rich & interactive business bots inside messaging.
Marketplace powered by the blockchain.

Launch Workflows

Critical business workflows are always one tap away. No need for memorizing slash commands or special inputs. Mainframe is for “normals”, not just command-line junkies.

Interactive Functionality

Playing ping pong via text message with a bot is inefficient. On Mainframe bots can render a user interface! Enjoy a rich, native, interactive application window. Turns out, people like to see things and click.

Structured & Actionable Messages

Bots can send rich, structured messages based on any trigger or event that the bot defines. Users can respond and interact immediately. Bots are in complete control of the how the message appears.

Marketplace for bot discovery

Bots can be discovered in the Mainframe marketplace. Bots have a subscription-based payment model, so developers can earn recurring revenue (!!!). The currency is a Mainframe Token (MFT), which is a token on the Ethereum blockchain (not yet distributed).

Mainframe is on all the major platforms