Milestones for bridging zero-collateral opportunity
with blockchain.

  • Protocol education

    Mainframe's role is to help define the initial iterations of ecosystem infrastructure and guide the development of improvements. Starting with the Mainframe Credit Protocol, Mainframe will publish the first draft and work on a reference implementation. Once the protocol stabilizes, we will produce a series of educational videos that explain how it works to help onboard users.

  • Originate loans

    Extending credit to the borrower number one is the first significant milestone for MFT utility and Mainframe's sustainability. We will be testing a centralized reference implementation that allows for a quick feedback loop as we learn from a controlled environment. Getting incentives right for each participant is our focus.

  • Service payments from borrowers

    Payments are the primary value creation activity of the Mainframe Credit Protocol. While there may be nuanced implementation details, this milestone is tightly coupled with loan origination.

  • Utilize MFT

    As value is created, MFT is purchased on the open market and locked up for variable amounts of time. Marketplace fees, lender's repayment preferences, MFT premium rewards, and discounts all utilize MFT directly.

  • Minimize trust

    Having quick feedback loops and delivering a reference implementation in a relatively short period is desirable; it comes with trade-offs. We will grow our utilization as we iterate on the more centralized pieces of the ecosystem, replacing them with better trust minimized alternatives.

  • Establish governance

    At the core of utilizing MFT is a governance system that aligns incentives and iterates on the protocol to take advantage of new information and possibility. Those with skin in the game will have the opportunity to lead and steer future improvements to our protocol. Our initial governance structure will lay the foundation for our decentralized autonomous organization.